Lazy Bowel Syndrome

Lazy bowel syndrome is a condition where the colon becomes ineffective at removing waste products from the body. Many will associate lazy bowel syndrome with constipation and often the symptoms can be similar.

The overuse and abuse of laxatives is commonly blamed for lazy bowel syndrome. The reasoning behind this being that regular use of these laxatives creates a dependency essentially making the bowels “lazy” and reliant on these digestive irritants. While this can be true for many adults, the same cannot be said for newborn babies who also experience lazy bowel syndrome without the long term use of laxatives.

Hirschsprung’s disease is also a common cause of lazy bowel syndrome in which certain nerve cells in the colon fail to develop, resulting in chronic constipation.

More often that not, lazy bowel syndrome is caused by an underlying dietary issue which may include:

  • inadequate hydration,
  • lack of fibre (both soluble & insoluble),
  • food allergies (wheat, gluten & preservatives), and
  • over-acidification of the colon (caused by over consumption of soft drinks and/or inadequate vegetable intake).
At Inner Cleansing Health Clinics, we believe in rehabilitation of the bowels through colonic irrigation. The benefits of this treatment are that we can naturally stimulate peristalsis (contracting of the colon), and strengthen the walls of the colon and its supporting muscles without the use of laxatives which can leech vital nutrients from the body and cause irritation to the gut lining. We also recommend certain minerals and supplementation to assist with alkalising the PH of the gut.
Digestive health is of prime importance. Kick the laxatives and let colonic hydrotherapy restore your Inner health today!

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